Frequently Asked Questions - The College at Southeastern

What is the deadline date? 
The deadline date for submitting an application for a grant for the College at Southeastern is May 1 for fall and spring semesters.  The site is open for applications to be submitted between January 1 and May 1 each year.

Must I be a U. S. Citizen?
Yes, Grants are available only to U. S. Citizens.

Must I be a resident of certain states?
You must be a resident of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee or West Virginia. 
Students must have lived in one of these states for a minimum of twelve months immediately prior to entering any educational institution.  You cannot establish residency while you are a student.  The Trustees reserve the right to determine residency. 

Are references required?
Yes.  Three references are required.  When you complete the on-line application form as a new applicant, you will be asked to send a request to your references by e-mail providing a link to the reference form for them to complete. 

Can I receive aid if I attend classes at an extension campus?
Yes, you may attend classes taught at an extension center; however, extension centers must be endorsed by The College at Southeastern, taught in person by a professor approved by The College at Southeastern, and at a location approved by The College at Southeastern in order to be considered eligible.

Must I submit an application on-line?
Yes, only on-line applications are accepted.  Follow the link to the application you need to submit.  

Is a transcript of grades required?
Yes, a transcript of your most recent grades must be included with your application.

Must I submit a new application for the grant each year?
Yes.  Grants are available for a maximum of 4 semesters at the College at SE.  

Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.
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