Frequently Asked Questions -College at Southeastern

Who is eligible? 
Juniors and seniors only may apply.  Must be enrolled in Bachelor’s of Arts Degree with a major in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Theology, Worship Ministry or Global Studies OR The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with a minor in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Missions, Global Studies, Preaching, Theology or Student Ministry. 

What is the deadline date?
Deadline date for this degree is May 1.

Must I be a resident of a certain state?
United States citizens who are residents of Virginia, North Carolina and South
Carolina may apply. Students must have lived in one of these states for at least 12
months immediately prior to entering any college, seminary, etc.
Students who move to a state to attend school are not eligible.

Are references required?
Yes.  You will contact your references during the online application process. 

How do I complete the budget sheet?
The budget sheet should be completed for 12 months. You should be sure to
include all income/receipts and expenses. You should follow instructions contained in the online application.

How many hours must I carry to receive a grant?
Students must be enrolled at least one-half time in order to apply for a grant. 12 hours is full-time.

Can I receive aid if I attend classes at an extension campus?
No. You must attend classes on the main campus.

Can I submit an application on-line?
You must submit your application online.  Get the budget sheet here.
Follow link to website to apply.
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