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Please Note: Applications to be submitted for a Keesee Grant during the 2020 Calendar Year are being handled by the institution in which you have enrolled or are enrolling rather than being submitted directly to Keesee.

Please reach out to the Financial Aid Office at your respective institution for instructions on submitting an application.

The Founding of the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund

In 1893 an ambitious young man, born and reared in Caswell County, North Carolina, came to Martinsville, Virginia to seek his fortune. That young man was Charles B. Keesee. In 1896 Mr. Keesee was married to Miss Olivia Helms Simmons of Floyd, Virginia. Having no children of their own, it was their desire to help worthy young men and women obtain an education at Baptist institutions. Mr. Keesee provided in his will for the establishment of an educational fund, and after his death in 1940, the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund was established in 1941. Mrs. Keesee shared her husband’s interest in assisting young people toward greater educational opportunities. At her death in 1944, she left the major part of her estate to the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund, Inc. Since its inception, the Fund assisted thousands of qualified students in paying their educational expenses.